Famous Kentucky Horse Race Chocolate Walnut Pie Recipe

The race may be over… but any time is a great time for pie.

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Different cities, states and regions have signature dishes. In many cases it is because of a local natural resource (Maine lobster, Cajun Crawfish) or an import of culture from another area (pierogi in Cleveland from the Eastern European immigrants). Others were just created there and have survived.

One signature dish of Louisville, Kentucky, is Derby Pie®. Created by Walter and Leaudra Kern, and currently owned by Kern’s Kitchen, the pie is a delicious concoction of chocolate, walnuts and sugar in a tasty crust. For many years others have tried to replicate the recipe and call their recipe Derby Pie®. According to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, there is one, and only one Derby Pie®.

Over the years, Kern’s Kitchens have fought aggressively to protect the name Derby Pie®. If you called a recipe Derby Pie® and posted it anywhere, you could expect to receive a nice little letter from some…

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