Full Moon Trivia Exposed

A full moon on Friday the 13th won’t happen again for another 35 years:  Friday, August 13, 2049.

Answers to the Moon Trivia Quiz:

Wallace and Gromit on the Moon made of cheese

Wallace and Gromit find that the Moon is made of Cheese.

1. What’s the moon thought to be made of?

a. Iron and rock with magnesium, silicon, oxygen and more
b. Cheese
c. Mostly gold, silver and bronze

2. Which side of the moon is the dark side?

a. the far side
b. no such thing
c. this side

3. How far is it from Earth to the Moon, roughly?

a. 23,885 miles
b. 238,855 miles
c. 2,388,550 miles


4. Which of these was discovered by Apollo astronauts on the moon?


A Real man on the Moon

a. Water ice
b. Moonquakes
c. the Soviet flag


5. What causes a lunar eclipse?

a. Earth blocks sunlight
b. The sun blocks out the moon
c. The moon blocks sunlight


6. The moon is moving in which of these ways?

a. Around the Earth every day
b. Away from Earth about 1.6 inches per year
c. Toward Earth about 1.6 inches per year


7. What’s thought to be the moon’s origin?

a. Earth captured it
b. Formed after a Mars-sized object hit Earth
c. Formed a cloud of gas and dust along with the Earth


8. What makes the moon rise?

a. Earth’s rotation
b. The alignment of the stars
c. The moon’s orbit around Earth


9. Why is the moon pockmarked with craters?

a. Unlike Earth, there’s little weathering to erode them
b. Cheese comes that way
c. The moon gets whacked a lot more often than Earth


Full moon over the sea

Find more about the sea’s tides: Click Here.

10. Which of these phenomena is the moon responsible for?

a. Earth’s season
b. Werewolves
c. High tide on the opposite side of Earth


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