Answers to the Labor Day Quiz

1. When was the first Labor Day celebrated in the United States?

a. 1901
b. 1882
c. 1817
d. 1945

Labor Day parade

Norwich University Reserve Office Training Corps (ROTC) cadets march in a Labor Day parade through Northfield, Vermont.

2. Where was the first Labor Day parade held?

a. Washington D.C.
b. Boston
c. New York
d. Chicago

3.  Who founded Labor Day?

a. George Washington
b. Peter J. McGuire, cofounder of the American Federation of Labor
c. Matthew Maguire, a machinist
d. no one is sure, but the Central Labor Union was the first to adopt a Labor Day proposal
e. Thomas J. Carver, founder of the National Farming Association


4. When was the American Federation of Labor founded?

a. 1880
b. 1886
c. 1932
d. 1776

5. What was the original federal minimum wage?Labor Day Professions

a. $.75/hr
b. $1.25/hr
c. $.25/hr
d. $2.75/hr


6. Which state currently has the highest minimum wage?

a. Washington
b. Nevada
c. California
d. Maryland

 7. In what year was the National Education Association founded?

a. 1942
b. 1857
c. 1889
d. 1905

Labor Day

Some folks need awareness about Labor Day.

8. Throughout its history National Education Association (NEA) has lobbied for…

a. Collective bargaining
b. Lowering the voting age to 18
c. Women’s suffrage
d. Civil Rights
e. All of the Above




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