The Lost Penny©

Please Help Me!!!…..

I once had a home, it was a dark place in someone’s pocket or maybe in a coin purse. Not sure what happened but I fell out on to the ground. Maybe I was pushed out by the nickels, dimes and quarters. They seem to think they are so much better than me. The one cent penny. No one seem know I was gone.

It has been terrible laying on the cold, cold ground, being stepped on by big and little feet and being buried by snow , drowned by rain. No one stopping by to pick me up. Makes a Poor Penny want to cry.

“Someone pick me up and give me a home.”

I am worth something even Ben Franklin acknowledged how important I am. “A Penny saved is a Penny earned”

SO PLEASE TAKE ME A HOME. give me a nice place to stay, hopefully in a warm dark safe place like a piggy bank with other lost pennies like myself…………
The Lost Penny…..


written by Leona Jones


National Lost Penny Day and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.



Today is National Lost Penny Day and Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday.

We celebrate two things today – even though they are directly connected.

According to (all about gifts and celebrations): “The first US penny was minted in 1787 and was made of pure copper and was designed by Benjamin Franklin. On February 12th, 1909, marking the 100th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth, the first Lincoln penny was issued. It was the first regular issue US coin to honor an actual person. On Lost Penny Day, gather all those pennies you have been collecting and cash them in.”

The creator of Lost Penny Day actually started the day to collect pennies throughout the year and then on this day, we would donate them to a charity.  However, at KooperSmithin’, the founder exclaims, “Today (with Times being as trying, meager and non-supplemental as they are), those Pennies can be carefully saved and…

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