Leap Year Word Game/Answers

Here are the answers to the Leap Year quiz:

  1. What word means to spring or bound upward?  Leap
  2. What is the name of the year with 366 days instead of the normal 365?  Leap Year
  3. What is February 29th called?  Leap Day
  4. These are added or omitted from official timekeeping systems as needed (usually on June 30 or December 31) to compensate for changes in the rotation of the Earth.  Leap Seconds
  5. Name the phrase that means very quickly. By Leaps and Bounds
  6. Name the phrase that means an act whose consequences cannot be predicted.  Leap in the Dark
  7. This is the act of believing or trusting in something that can’t be proved.  Leap of Faith
  8. Name of a children’s game in which one player kneels or bends over and the next person in line jumps over him.   Leapfrog
  9. This is computer science method for checking the internal operations of a computer by performing operations on one section, transferring the new information to another section, repeating the operations, and crosschecking the results.  Leapfrog Test
  10. Name the 10th day of Christmas from the song, 12 Days of Christmas.  10 Lords a-Leapin’
  11. Name the phrase that means to jump at the chance.  Leap at the Opportunity
  12. This phrase means to judge or decide something without having all the facts.  Leap to Conclusions
  13. Name the phrase that means to be careful.  Look Before You Leap
  14. This is an expression of surprise.  Leapin’ Lizards