Lollipop Day – July 20, 2014

Take a trip on the Good Ship Lollipop!

July 20, 2014 is

National Lollipop Day

Today is National Lollipop Day! Lollipops come in dozens of different shapes, sizes, and flavors. You can make traditional hard-candy lollipops with just four simple ingredients—sugar, water, corn syrup, and the flavoring of your choice. Culinary historians believe that the lollipop (or at least some form of it) has been around since the prehistoric era. Early humans often enjoyed honey on a stick as a delicious treat.
No one really knows how the modern-day lollipop was invented, but we do know how it got its name. George Smith, the owner of a small American candy store called the Bradley Smith Company, came up with the sweet’s name. In the early 1900s, he called the candy a “lollipop” after his favorite racehorse—Lolly Pop. George Smith trademarked the name lollipop in 1931, the name has since fallen into public domain. However, George Smith’s story of how he thought up the name might be a true horse tail, since in the northern part of England, “lolly” means “tongue” and the word lollipop may have first originated in England. George Smith still was the only person to trademark the name Lollipop.
Samuel Born was a Russian immigrant who invented a lollipop making machine. In 1916, San Francisco gave the ingenious candy maker the keys to the city for inventing the Born Sucker Machine. The machine mechanically inserted sticks into lollipops. Samuel Born is also credited with inventing chocolate sprinkles, or jimmies for ice cream cones.To celebrate National Lollipop day, head to your local candy or convenience store and grab a lollipop to celebrate! Enjoy!

In 1908, the Racine Confectioners Machinery Co. of Racine, Wisconsin invented a machine that could make forty lollipops a minute.

holopopsIn 1998, Holopops, a hologram lollipop was introduced by Light Vision Confections. The hologram design is etched on the lollipop surface.

Telly Savalas as TV's Kojak

Lollipops aren’t just for kids!

Telly Savalas is seen throughout the Television series “Kojack” both sucking on his lollipop and smoking. The lollipop was used to cut back on smoking. His character Kojak even admitted once that he smoked too much and sucked on lollipops every day except on Sundays.