Aug. 13, 2014 – International Left-handers day

International Left-Handers Day is a day to bring attention to the struggles which lefties face daily in a right-handed society.  August 13th is observed as International Left-Handers Day.



10% of people are left-handed according to a report by Scientific American

Prince William

England’s Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, is left-handed like his father Prince Charles.

Geniuses are more likely to be left-handed; 20% of the top scoring SAT takers are left-handed

In 2013, 31% of Major League Baseball pitchers were left-handed

Of the last 5 United States Presidents, three were lefties: Barack Obama, Clinton and Bush Sr.

Famous Lefties:  Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey and Leonardo de Vinci

Sir Paul McCartney

Famous lefty – Musician (Sir) Paul McCartney of the “Beatles” and “Wings”