2014 Winter Olympic Mascots – Coloring Page

Color the mascots of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia as illustrated below by Angry Squirrel Studio.

Sochi, Russia 2014 Winter Olympics mascots - coloring page

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Make Special Memories this Valentine’s Day

Create Valentine Memory Boards

Valentine memory board

Create functional art

Capture heartfelt valentine memories and display them on pretty memory boards to give a room seasonal panache.

Wrap 1/2-inch-thick square or rectangular cork pieces in fabric. Choose Valentine’s Day patterns, or select coordinating fabrics in pinks and reds to best suit the holiday. Lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, wrap best. Fold the corners, wrap the fabric to the back, and staple in place. Mount the panels with removable hooks and picture hangers to make it easy to change them out.

Light up the Night with this Votives

votive candle

The candles are as sweet as your valentine mood when you add this accent. Fill plain glass votive candleholders with candy nonpareils for seasonal color. Small glass beads from the crafts store offer a similar look.

Create a Candy-framed Photo Frame

Candy-heart frame photo frame

Make memories last

Craft this candy-heart frame as a sweet homemade gift for your Valentine. Measure a cardboard circle to fit on top of a picture frame. Glue the candy hearts on the cardboard head-to-head, adding another layer on top. To finish the easy gift, glue the cardboard with the candy hearts onto the frame.

You can alternate colors on a single frame, or adhere the hearts with the sayings facing up for a more creative and personalized approach.