Football/Soccer Quiz – Anwers

While American football barely uses the feet during the game, soccer is played almost entirely with the feet, so “football” is a very appropriate name. The rest of the world refers to US-style football as “American football” or “gridiron.”

Right now, people around the Globe are watching the World Cup 2014.    How much do you know about football…or for Americans, soccer. Take the Quiz

1.What is required of you to wear to play in an organized game of soccer? 

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, perhaps the most expensive footballer

a. helmet
b. shoulder pads
c. gloves
d. shinguards

d. All organized soccer teams require the players to wear shinguards. They are plastic molds that are worn to protect your shins from kicks by other players. There are no helmets or shoulder pads in soccer and gloves can only be worn by goalies.


2. Are the officials called Referees? True or False

True. The officials are called referees. Other sports that have referees are football, volleyball and basketball. Baseball, softball and cricket have umpires.


3. What is soccer’s international championship games called?

a. World Cup
c. World Series
d. Superbowl

c. The World Series is baseball’s championship, the Super Bowl is football’s, and FIFA is the organization that oversees international soccer rules. The World Cup is played every four years.



Pele, a 3-time World Cup winner, is considered the best soccer player in the world.

4. What soccer position, on average, runs the least?

a. midfielder
b. goalie
c. forward
d. defender

b. Goalies tend to stay very near their goals. They may come out a little if they feel they can get the ball before the attacking team arrives. Midfielders tend to run the most as they have the most ground to cover.


5. How is a soccer game started?

a. throw in
b. pitch
c. kickoff
d. punt

c. Kickoffs are used to start both halves of the game as well as after a goal is scored. A punt is used in football, a throw in is in soccer but it doesn’t start a game, and the first pitch is for baseball.


Soccer player Wayne Rooney with his bicycle kick

Footballer Wayne Rooney performs his bicycle kick.

6. What part of the body can’t touch the ball?

a. head
b. chest
c. inside the foot
d. palm of the hand

d. No part of the hand or arm can touch the ball. A hand ball penalty will be called and the ball is given to the other team. You can use your head (as you get older) to send the ball over the other team, you can control a wild kick to you by first bouncing the ball off your chest down to your feet, and you certainly want to use the inside of your foot to dribble the ball.


7. A typical final score for a game of professional soccer might be 38-27.  True or False

False. Soccer games tend to be low scoring games. You only receive 1 point for a goal and typically not very many goals are scored. Professional soccer games easily can end with a score of 1-0. Kid and recreational games tend to have a few more than that but definitely not 38-27 goals!


8. What size ball is considered full size?

a. 10
b. 3
c. 5
d. 1

b. Size 3 balls tend to be the size most kids start with around age 4 in organized soccer. Size 4 is recommended for ages 8-12 and the final size of 5 is for those aged 13 to adult.


9. When will an improper throw-in be called?

a. if you stand on the line
b. if you jump
c. if you use both hands to throw the ball
d. if you throw the ball over your head

b. A proper throw in requires both feet on the ground, both hands on the ball and the ball thrown over the head. You can’t jump, pick up a foot, throw from the side, use only one hand or toss underhand. While most coaches encourage you to be completely behind the sideline, your feet can actually be on the line, so long as you are not completely over it.