Cat Quiz w/Answers


1. A cat has how many whiskers, on average?   D. 24

A) 8
B) 12
C) 16

black cat - white whiskers

Do you see 24 whiskers?

D.) 24

2. Do cats have fewer teeth than dogs, or more?  Cats have 30 teeth. Dogs have 42. 

A) Fewer
B) More
C) Same

3. People have about 650 skeletal muscles. How many do cats have?

A) 500
B) 650
C) 800

4. Which brain is the cat’s brain most similar to?  A cat’s brain is more similar to a human’s brain.  Your cat is suddenly a genius, right?

A) Dog’s
B) Human’s

5. Outdoor-only cats live, on average, about:  3-5 years.  Indoor cats live an average of 15 years.

A) 3-5 years
B) 7-10 years
C) 12-15 years


6. A term for a group of cats is:

A) caggle
B) covey
C) clutch
D) clowder


a litter of kittens

The average litter of kittens is between 2 to 6.

7. A term for a group of kittens is:  Besides, cute?  Call them a Kindle.

A) kaggle
B) kindle
C) nook
D) kaboodle



8. True or False: A cat, standing in a still position, can jump up to six times its own length.  True. 

9. True or False: “Tabby” is the name of a cat breed.  False


10. All of the following are the names of cat breeds, EXCEPT:  Beauceron is a name of a dog breed, not a cat breed. 

A) Balinese
B) Beauceron
C) Birman
D) Burmilla

11. The thick hair around the face of some cats (such as Persians) is called:

A) Mane
B) Ruff
C) Pelt
D) Shock

12. True or False: Just like female cats, male cats have five or six pairs of teats.  True

13. True or False: Like dogs, cats sniff one another’s butts.  True 

14. How much of their waking hours do cats spend grooming themselves?

A) 11%
B) 33%
C) 66%

15. What’s it called when a cat rubs the side of its head on you or on furniture?

A) Beaning
B) Bunting
C) Brocking
D) Tagging

16. A cat named Towser was an expert mouser. (True story!) How many mice did this famous cat reportedly catch in her lifetime?

A) 899
B) 8,899
C) 18,899
D) 28,899  (This kitty means business!) 

17. Cats can’t taste this:

A) Sour
B) Sweet
C) Bitter
D) Salt

18. What’s the total number of claws that most house cats have?  18. Five claws in the front paws and 4 in the rear paws = total of 18)

A) 16
B) 18
C) 20
D) None of the above

19. Cats stay pregnant for about how long?

A) 2 months
B) 4 months
C) 9 months

20. Which of the following statements about body language is FALSE:  A tail tucked underneath the body actually means, “I am scared.”

kitten scared by big dog

This kitten displays the classic signs of being scared.

A) A cat’s tail held high means “I’m happy.”
B) A twitching tail means “I’m getting irritated.”
C) A thumping tail means “I’m totally frustrated!”

D) A tail tucked underneath the body means “I’m hungry.”







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C. 24 whiskers
A. cats have 30 teeth, but dogs have 42
A. 500 skeletal muscles
B. more similar to a human’s brain than a dog’s brain
A. 3-5 years (contrast this with around 15 years for indoor cats!)
D. clowder
B. kindle
B. Beauceron is the name of a dog breed, not a cat breed
B. ruff
B. 33%
B. bunting
D. 28,899 (wow!)
B. sweet
B. 18 (five in the front paws and four in the rear = 18)
A. just over 2 months
D. is false. A tail tucked underneath the body actually means “I am scared.”