The Lost Penny©

Please Help Me!!!…..

I once had a home, it was a dark place in someone’s pocket or maybe in a coin purse. Not sure what happened but I fell out on to the ground. Maybe I was pushed out by the nickels, dimes and quarters. They seem to think they are so much better than me. The one cent penny. No one seem know I was gone.

It has been terrible laying on the cold, cold ground, being stepped on by big and little feet and being buried by snow , drowned by rain. No one stopping by to pick me up. Makes a Poor Penny want to cry.

“Someone pick me up and give me a home.”

I am worth something even Ben Franklin acknowledged how important I am. “A Penny saved is a Penny earned”

SO PLEASE TAKE ME A HOME. give me a nice place to stay, hopefully in a warm dark safe place like a piggy bank with other lost pennies like myself…………
The Lost Penny…..


written by Leona Jones