Preserve Memories with Mixbook

Putting together a photo book of our Barn Wedding was so fun and easy with Mixbook. I spent 20 years teaching people how to preserve their photos. In the predigital era, it was a lot easier to get people to print their photos because that was the only way they could see their photos. But with the onset…

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Frame your Loved Ones….

Treasure those Precious Moments

Personalize a picture frame for Valentine’s Day, Wedding Anniversary… or that blissful first 6 months of a relationship.   This photo frame could also make a good Mother’s Day gift as it features the children and/or grandchildren.

Or, you could feature a picture that displays a true, unconditional love…. your pet.

Click on the photo to find more information on how you can own the frame.

Personalized photo frame

Personalize this photo frame this Valentine’s Day.

     OR… Celebrate your Independence….

Love gone sour but the picture with the two of you together was the best one of you EVER?  No problem.   Just cut out the other person in the photo (or fold it over if you want to keep it…. just in case) and place the picture in this frame specially designed for such an occasion.  Click on the photo for more details.

"Dear John" photo frame

This frame is perfect for a vertical picture… like half of a couple.

         Treasure True Love

"Am I adopted?" pet frame

Unconditional love is something to be celebrated.

Here’s one more website to check out for Valentine’s Day photo frame: CLICK HERE.


Traditional Photo Frames

Lenox photo frame

A beautiful photo frame to capture your favorite memories.  Click here to find these frames on